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TokiCMS is a CMS that I started building a long time ago.

Sub-Blogs, Multilang and eShop Plugin for the Bludit

I'm working on an new Plugin for the Bludit CMS, which allows you to create sub-blogs (multi blogs), it supports multilang posts (posts, pages and categories in multi languages) and you can also have an eshop.

Cache Plugin for the Bludit CMS

Regardless of the Bludit's flat file system, you'll always need caching in some form. So, what are some of the other benefits of caching?

Bludit To Wordpress Converter

If you have installed Bludit as the blog system of your choice, and now you have decided that it is time to move to WordPress, here is a converter for you.

Colibri CMS

Colibri CMS is a project I am working on.