TokiCMS is a CMS that I started building a long time ago.

However, at some point I decided to stop it, since such a project took a long time and so I decided to develop a plugin for Bludit, which would do what I needed for my sites.

However, Bludit was quite limited by what I needed, so I decided to keep developing my original idea, or rather, start over. Thus TokiCMS was born.

About TokiCMS

TokiCMS is a open source CMS, prioritizes simplicity and speed written in PHP.


TokiCMS have many features. Below I will mention some of them, the full list can be found here.

  • Admin panel
  • Multilanguage Support for posts, pages, tags and categories
  • Translation for members names, bio. Also any user can have different list of social media for each language
  • Categorization with tags (multi tags support)
  • Static pages (you can use a page as a frontpage instead of the classic blog)
  • Meta canonical, description, and rich snippets for SEO
  • Pagination
  • Author page
  • Membership & Content Restriction. Create user roles and restrict content on your website. This gives you full control over who can and who cannot view or create content on your TokiCMS site.
  • Multi sites support. Connect and control completely independent TokiCMS sites, even those on different hosts and servers.
  • Multi author support
  • Social links with the ability to have different list for each language
  • Internal/Forum Commenting System
  • Google Analytics Support
  • Per post navigation (previous and next post)
  • Easy theming
  • RSS Feed
  • Sitemap and news sitemap support
  • AMP theme support for posts/pages
  • SEO friendly URL
  • Ad Manager
  • Import content from WordPress, Blogger, Bludit.


PHP 7.2+
allow_url_fopen On
cURL 7.19.4+
mbstring On
Ability to Chmod 777 folders
MySQL database
Optional Cron Jobs for the sitemap and RSS Feeds

Example websites:

Here is a list of a few websites using TokiCMS:

We will continue to support this script and improve it in due time, any recommendations you can drop below, we may look and consider them but it doesn't mean they'll be added.

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